The 16th City of Birmingham Easter Open Meet (10th - 13th April 2009)

Close to 500 swimmers from 61 clubs took part in the fully subscribed Four day Level 2 Open Meet held at Stechford Cascades, Birmingham over the Easter weekend. With many National Youth and Age Group and scores of Midlands District Qualifying Times recorded, special congratulations must go the following 'City' swimmers on achieving National Qualifying Times:

Age Group:
Emma Smith (200 F/S, 400 F/S) ; Penny Whittingham (200 F/S, 200 Fly, 100 Fly, 400 F/S, 100 F/S, 200 IM, 200 Ba)
James Robinson (100 Br) ; Louis Oliver (100 Br, 200 Br) ; Alice Holmes (100 Back, 100 F/S)

Sophie Smith (200 F/S) ; Alice Cousins (200 F/S, 400 F/S) ; Fern Davies (200 Fly, 100 Br, 400 F/S, 100 Fly)
David Fellows (400 F/S, 100 F/S, 200 F/S) ; Dan Ruckwood ( 400 F/S, 100 Ba , 200 Ba, 100 F/S, 200 F/S)
Josh Quinton (400 F/S, 200 Ba) ; Richard Spoor (100 Br, 200 Br) ; Dan Evans (100 Br, 100Fly, 200 Br)
Holly Lynch (100 Ba, 200 F/S, 200 Ba) ; Alex Hooper (200 F/S, 100 Ba, 400 F/S, 100 F/S)
George Cooke (200 Fly, 200F/S) ; William Smart (100 F/S, 200F/S)

Emma Smith (1st), Penny Whittingham (2nd), Alice Dearing (4th), Lydia New (5th=) and Katie Richardson (5th=) dominated the 'Top Junior Girl' title, while Holly Lynch (1st), Fern Davies (2nd), Alex Hooper (3rd) and Alice Cousins (6th) topped the Seniors lists.

City of Coventry SC added to their Top Visiting Club Title with both Boys awards. The Junior Boys Title was won in style by Earl Radtschenko from City of Coventry SC, followed by Jordan Youngman and Bradley Lynch (Boldmere). The Seniors Award was another battle between Coventry and Birmingham with Rikki Morris (Cov) taking the title ahead of Dan Ruckwood (2nd) and Daniel Evans (5th).

The supporters of City of Hereford were awarded the 'Best Supporters Trophy' for their decibels, but the 'Star of the Gala' was undoubtedly Aaron Kirchin-Brown (Warriors of Warrington) who competed in every event (including Friday's 1500F/S, 400IM and 800F/S), made two finals...and was awarded 'Ironman of the Meet' trophy by promoter Andy Jackson for his extra-terrestrial efforts. Top improved club over entry times was Warriors of Warrington with a 2.5% overall improvement.

Feedback Received:

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for a fantastically well organised open meet. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and as a spectating mum so did I. I have and will continue to sing the praises of Birmingham Swimming Club to coaches and parents." Nova Centurion Swim Squad / Mansfield SC Parent

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the weekend. As ever we had a fantastic time - thanks to the superb organisation. Your regular web updates prior to the event are really helpful, and there were so many people around to ask for information during the meet that the weekend is a really enjoyable event. An added bonus was my daughter (who could have swum in the Welsh Nationals but loves Birmingham so much she wanted to come to your meet!) got 4 more regional times and made finals ( plus we came away with the cup for best supporters - all that shouting was worth it!) Thanks again." City of Hereford SC Parent

"I've just got in from the long drive home and wanted to thank you and your team for a fantastic meet this weekend. My lad had a wonderful time, swimming 11 PBs from 12 events and I've heard nothing but positive comments from all the Warriors parents about how well organised your meet was. And I couldn't wait to get in and read your "Aaron the Iron Man" blog! Thanks once again." Warriors of Warrington SC Parent

"Thank You, to you and all your team for putting on such a well organized meet. I managed to park in the car park every time and had a seat in the gallery every session. I don't think I've known an open meet to run so smoothly! Please pass on my grateful thanks to all concerned." Nottingham Leander SC Parent

"I enjoyed my day at the meet on Sunday, very well run as usual." Visiting Official (City of Coventry)

"I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed the gala. The CoB Open is always well run and a pleasure ... Also, thanks for assigning me a varied range of duties." Visiting Official (Orion)

"I enjoyed myself once again at Stechford . . . . a well organised and enjoyable meet." Visiting Official (Worcester)
Click on the images below to see some of the photographic highlights from the meet.

Getting Ready

Before the races gallery


Swimmers photo gallery

After the races

After the races gallery

Best of the rest

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Photography by Steve Harlow, Boldmere SC Press Officer

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