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City of Birmingham Swimming - Supporting Clubs

The City of Birmingham Swimming Club works in partnership with clubs from across the Birmingham area. City swimmers enjoy dual ASA registration with both the City of Birmingham and their home club. The City of Birmingham Swimming Club works particularly closely with Boldmere, Orion, Redditch and Perry Beeches Swimming Clubs, as well as with nearby clubs Solihull, Kingsbury Aquarius and Blythe Barracudas.

Boldmere SC Redditch SC
Boldmere SC Redditch SC
Club: Boldmere SC
Head Coach: Ashley Cox
Club Secretary/Contact: Malcolm Ratcliffe
Website: www.boldmereswimmingclub.co.uk
Club: Redditch SC
Head Coach:
Club Secretary/Contact: Gordon Hartles/David Savage
Website: www.redditchswim.org.uk
Orion SC Perry Beeches SC
Orion SC Perry Beeches SC
Club: Orion SC
Head Coach: Carl Flynn
Club Secretary/Contact: Loz Miller
Website: www.orionswimmingclub.co.uk
Club: Perry Beeches SC
Head Coach: Helen Pordage
Club Secretary/Contact: Mandy Blizard
Website: www.perrybeechesswimming.co.uk
Solihull SC Kingsbury Aquarius SC
Solihull SC Kingsbury Aquarius SC
Club: Solihull SC
Head Coach: Dean Barguss
Club Secretary/Contact: Steve Prosser
Website: www.solihullswimmingclub.co.uk
Club: Kingsbury Aquarius SC
Head Coach: Samuel Bibb
Club Secretary/Contact: Samuel Bibb
Website: www.kingsburysc.co.uk
Blythe Barracudas SC
Blythe Barracudas SC
Club: Blythe Barracudas SC
Head Coach: Brian Cooke
Club Secretary/Contact: Christine Austin
Website: www.blythebarracudas.com

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